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About ProTraining

Police and protective service officers often find themselves in situations where they are responding to an individual who is, or appears to be, mentally ill.

These interactions often lack understanding between both parties and require training to enhance positive outcomes.

As such, this eLearning course has been designed to provide an introduction or refresher program to actively educate officers on key skills needed when interacting with individuals.

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 Measured Benefits
of Our De-escalation & Mental Health Training


23% increase

in self-reported police officer confidence

41% increase

in police officer Mental Health Awareness

19% increase

in efficiency on mental health calls

41% decrease

in use of physical force in all police calls


This training program stems from a program that was originally developed at the University of Alberta, Department of Psychiatry, to advance the mental health training of police officers.

This program proved overwhelmingly successful, showing increases in police mental health awareness, communication, de-escalation and empathy skills as well as an increase in police efficiency and a decrease in number of use-of-force occurrences.

Why train officers how to interact with those suffering from mental illness?

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Who We Are

Peter Silverstone MB BS, MD, FRCPC, ICD.D
Yasmeen Krameddine, PhD
Chris G. LaBossiere
Greg Kureluk
Don Riep

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