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In-Person Training

Mental Health Awareness Training System

This hands-on course is the second unit in a three-unit mental health training system.

It is designed to allow experiential practice of skills learned in the eLearning unit #1 where police officers will be taught how to properly engage individuals with mental illness


 Course description:

  • 7 hours – in person (based on a class size of 12)
  • 6 Mental Health scenario based role-plays
  • Enhancement of skills through experiential practice
  • Allows deeper understanding through practice in a safe environment
  • Emotionally and intellectually engaging
  • Focuses on behavioural development
  • Officers will interact with professional actors portraying individuals with mental illness in a scenario-based role play and will receive feedback from facilitating officers and mental health professionals.
  • Appropriate for all patrol members

 Delivery Options

Train the Trainer Package

Cost: $5000.00/package

A Train the trainer package has been developed and can be implemented in your organization by your training staff.

Contact For More Information

This package includes:

  • Videos
  • Handouts
  • Information on how to train actors
  • Surveys and evaluation packages with help from ProTraining analyst
  • Unlimited skype sessions with a ProTraining facilitator

ProTraining Delivery

ProTraining will be touring Canada and the USA delivering Unit 2 training to police organizations. Contact to book a training time.

 Learning Objectives

  • Demonstrate empathy, recognizing emotions others are feeling, and responding appropriately
  • Demonstrate positive communication techniques that emphasize active communication.
  • Demonstrate positive communication techniques that focus on proper body language techniques.
  • Demonstrate de-escalation strategies that focus on defusing the situation.
  • Demonstrate strategies when subject is defensive, uncooperative or threatening
  • Understand strategies to utilize in regards to follow up, and prevention of reoccurrence
Unit 2: In-Person Mental Health Awareness Training
$377.80 USD

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Key Details

  • 7 hours
  • In person
  • Experiential practice
  • Behavioural development
  • Officer interaction

Measured Benefits

  • 23% increase in self-reported police officer confidence
  • 41% decrease overall in use of physical force
  • 5.2% decrease in use of force in mental health calls specifically
  • 19% increase in efficiency

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